Praise, Worship, and Returning to the Lord's Presence

God is calling us to a different dimension of praise and worship. It requires each of us to come boldly to the throne of grace in Jesus' name. Here I come.

I believe musicians, song writers, psalmists, and singers around the world are hearing mysterious new sounds in their spirits, but don't know what to do with them! I call them forth in Jesus' name! It is time to speak out what you hear your Father in Heaven speaking! It is time to sing out what you hear the angels in Heaven singing! It is time to create the instruments that you see and hear glorifying God in the heavenlies! It is all part of bringing God's will to pass on the earth as it is in Heaven. But the task, like any other in God's Kingdom, is a supernatural task that must be done by the Spirit of God and not by the flesh of man.

God has rebuilt the tabernacle of David in our day. Now, He is waiting patiently for a people who will come boldly to sit in His Presence bearing a sweet sacrifice of praise and worship. Every wall and veil of separation has been removed. We have free entrance to His Presence through the blood of the Lamb. God has done His part; it is our turn.

Will we be content to rest in our pew, or kneel in His rest? There is glory awaiting us at the feet of God. There is healing in abundance for us in the light of His glory. There are blessings and joys unspeakable in store for us if we will only leave our houses and sit before Him in worship and communion. There are kingdoms to conquer and enemies to vanquish through our victorious praise and uninhibited worship. All we must do is say, "Yes." Join me. Take words with you and return to the Lord's Presence. There is a seat waiting for you right beside another King who would build God a house . . .

Excerpt from Worship: The Pattern of Things in Heaven

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